Article Published by: Suddenly, old-fashioned road trips are trendy again. Surveys show they’re on the rise. Websites, newspapers, magazines and even books are featuring road trips like they’re the next big thing — even though they’re actually a longstanding American tradition steeped in nostalgia and pop

Article Published by: If you’ve just realized it’s August and you still haven’t been anywhere, don’t despair. Fall isn’t just about wearing cute jackets—it’s about travel deals. Summer is basically over, so let’s make the best of nature’s cycle and enjoy the price drops on almost

Article Published by: When you return from a vacation feeling relaxed and refreshed, that’s not just an emotional response to time away from work and daily worries: you’re experiencing some of the nourishing effects of traveling. It turns out that jetting off to relax on the

Article Published by: RALEIGH — With schools and state universities down to the last three weeks before classes resume, families are drumming up last-ditch lists to make the most of any waning summer free time. In the western part of the state, the adventurous are headed