Article Published by: “In his late portraits, especially, Eakins sought the underlying structure and substance of the head and body and pulled no punches when it came to telling the truth about the individual who posed before him.” [1] Thomas Eakins claimed his right as

Article Published by: A Carolina graduate student helps athletic trainers recognize invisible injuries and protect athletes from harm. By Emilie Poplett, University Communications, Monday, April 1st, 2019 You’re watching a rivalry basketball game, and your team’s star player falls and hits his head. The game is tied

Article Published by: On Friday, August 26th Richard Stone, the CEO of StoryWork International, led a program of discovery through the power of storytelling for the Cherokee Creek Boys School in Westminster, SC. Annually, the school hosts a retreat quarterly seminars for the students and

Article Published by: With a litany of accomplishments on the court, legendary basketball coach Dean Smith is remembered more for his legacy of caring for people. When the men’s basketball team won the national championship in 1982, a welcome-home celebration was held at Kenan Stadium. This