Article Published by: Clandestine Koopalings, question blocks, mushrooms and a goomba — all icons of Super Mario — adorned the top of a Dewey’s Bakery cake in the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Arts, or SECCA, on July 6. Arts for Life — a nonprofit that provides

Article Published by: Just about anything can inspire your wedding cake, from a beautiful reception venue to your love of anything glitter to the lace detailing on your wedding gown, which can make choosing the perfect design a tough decision. As inspiration for your custom cake,

Article Published by: In England, almost every street corner once had a pub. In an age before television, they were the primary focal point of the community, a place where people drank beer and spirits, and the principal entertainment was conversation. But with the exponential

Article Published by: A well-known Winston-Salem company is assisting local schools in their fundraising efforts by launching two pop-up holiday shops through the holiday season. Dewey’s Bakery out of Forsyth County has opened two holiday shops, one in Lexington and one in Thomasville, where residents can

Article Published by: When Devin Kidner was a child, she looked forward to the box of goodies her aunt sent from England each December. In addition to chocolates and gifts, the box contained powdered mustard and custard, pickles and other foods that her father needed to

Article Published by: Dewey's Bakery's history 1930: Dewey's Bakery's history began when Dewey G. Wilkerson opened Dewey's Bakery in downtown Winston-Salem during the Great Depression. It was the area's first all-electric bakery. The bakery occupied several downtown locations, including 114 W. Fourth St., where it operated for