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Just about anything can inspire your wedding cake, from a beautiful reception venue to your love of anything glitter to the lace detailing on your wedding gown, which can make choosing the perfect design a tough decision.

As inspiration for your custom cake, we’ve enlisted the help of experienced cake designer Danielle DiLizio—from the iconic Dewey’s Bakery in Winston-Salem—who let us know the scoop on what cake designs will be trending in 2016.


Instead of having one big wedding cake, more and more brides will be showing off their wedding theme and colors with a spread of different desserts. Cupcakes, macaroons, mini pies and cake pops are all popular choices, allowing wedding guests to choose from multiple treats and flavors.

“Several brides are opting for dessert tables for their guests instead of providing just one cake. Selecting a main color scheme, such as this classic Tiffany blue color, really opens the door to have coordinating desserts like cupcakes and macarons that complement each other.”


A white cake is always timelessly elegant, but a fresh new technique that enhances the classic design is the addition of intricate, all-white embellishments.

“We saw a trend in 2015 toward bright and eclectic colors, but we things heading back to more traditional white on white designs. Whether it is floral, piped details or damask stenciling, the complete white style is timeless.”


For a seriously sophisticated style, brides are choosing ruffled cakes that are light and airy, and only need subtle embellishments to complete the textured design.

“Ruffles are a trend that is here to stay, but they continue to evolve beautifully with new, original techniques, From showing accent flowers to covering entire tiers, we see brides requesting all kinds of ruffles. They can sometimes be used to resemble a bride’s wedding dress; it really adds a feminine and delicate appearance.”


Bold and glamorous, metallic wedding cakes are all the rage, with hold holding the tip shot for next year.

“Metallic cakes are making a splash because they really add the shine and sparkle brides want to see. We’ve used glitter dust and spray as accents before, but now we’re venturing into more bold looks with cakes that have complete gold leaf tiers.”


Earthy, bohemian-style weddings have been on the rise this past year, so it’s not surprising that the same aesthetic will continue to grow in popularity for wedding cakes, too. We love incorporating fresh flowers and greenery to a textured frosting design, which can help bring the whimsical theme to life.

“The woodland cake design is on the up and rise, especially with our native North Carolina couples who can tend to be nature-oriented and outdoorsy. The greenery accent is complemented by this rustic cake stand resembling a tree stump, which really finishes the woodsy style.”


Flowers, whether they’re fresh or sugar-made, are always fashionable when it comes to wedding cakes. This year we will see brides selecting from a broader range of blooms to match their bouquets and other floral arrangements.

“Florals are such an integral part of most wedding cake designs, and in 2016 we are expecting to see classics like peonies paired with more unique choices, such as the trendy succulents. These combinations work especially well when used on a simple, sleek white cake.”

About Scott Livengood

Scott Livengood is the owner and CEO of Dewey’s Bakery, Inc., a commercial wholesale bakery with a respected national brand of ultra premium cookies and crackers.

Previously, Scott worked at Krispy Kreme Doughnuts for 27 years, starting as a trainee in 1977. He was appointed President of the company in 1992, then CEO and Chairman of the Board.

Scott has served on numerous boards including the Carter Center, the Calloway School of Business and the Babcock School of Management, Habitat for Humanity of Forsyth County, and the Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce.

He started a new business, StoryWork International, in 2016 with Richard Stone. The signature achievement to date is LivingStories, a story-based program for improved patient experiences and outcomes in partnership with Novant Health.