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Ask SAM: Has Dewey’s Bakery changed its recipes?

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Q: Has Dewey’s Bakery changed its recipes in recent years for products such as cream horns and sugar cake? I don’t like them as much as I used to. And the store at Thruway is overrun with fairly expensive gift items now.

Answer: The recipes are largely the same, according to Dewey’s, though there is an exception we will get to momentarily.

“We have been using the same recipes for generations to bake our traditional products like Sugar Cake and Cream Horns,” said Scott Livengood, CEO and owner of Dewey’s Bakery, in an email response.

“These treats are made by hand, and as with any small batch handmade product, every batch can vary slightly. We have increased our quality assurance procedures to ensure consistency from one batch to the next.”

One thing that has changed, he said, is the shortening they use.

“Like many bakeries, our old shortening contained trans fat, which the FDA is requiring companies to eliminate from their products by June 2018,” Livengood said. “We have already made the change to a new shortening that we chose carefully to minimize the impact on the flavor, texture and quality of our products.

“We feel very confident that this new shortening is just as good, although there may be some people who are more sensitive to a change in ingredients.”

He said that any customer who feels the treats they purchase are not up to the store’s usual standards should contact them at (336) 725-8321 and speak with a manager, or email “We always like to know how we can improve, and we always want our customers to be satisfied,” he said.

You can also use the feedback form at to share your thoughts with the company.

As for the gift items for sale at the Thruway location, those were added after a store remodel a few years ago, which Livengood said was done “to showcase our bakers and decorators.”

“Our cake decorating now takes place in the front of the store, and our baking can be viewed through a large window behind our back counter,” he said. “Our store remodel also gave us more space, which we used to offer our customers greeting cards and gifts at a wide range of prices.”

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