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Bakery Spotlight: Star Troutman, Cake Decorator

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Dewey’s Bakery values it’s team members. The people and the history are essential in creating the mouth-watering flavors we all know and love. So, we want to give you all a sneak peek into our amazing cake decorators, bakers and staff members who shine so bright at Dewey’s Bakery.

One very talented cake decorator, Star, has made her mark on Dewey’s and has a wonderful story to share.

After moving from China to the states in 2001, Star did not start out her journey as a cake decorator, but rather a computer science major and followed this field for a few years. It was only when she realized she truly loved art and the impact it had on others that she decided to enter the cake decorating business. She says, “I have always loved art, but I didn’t want to just do studio art. I wanted my art to be meaningful and useful… and I love food so it was a nice pairing of the two.” While researching bakeries, she knew Dewey’s was highly ranked and wanted to work in a place that would challenge her. “When I first decided I wanted to do cakes, I searched cake shops and Dewey’s is one of the first options, so I went to their galleries and the cakes were always one above the others when it came to professionalism and creativity,” Star says. “So, I applied and was hired. I was thrilled.”

Star’s favorite part of working at Dewey’s Bakery is that each day is different and gratifying. She says, “while we are supposed to be creating beautiful cakes, we always go the extra mile and never cut corners. I love seeing the customer’s facial expressions when they pick up their cake. Sometimes I hide behind the counter just to see their reaction when they open the box… and it’s even better when it’s a child.” Those are the moments Dewey’s Bakery strives for. Star says it best, “You really make a difference in that moment when the customer see’s their cake for the first time. When they take it home it is going to eventually be eaten and become only a memory, but when you grow up and remember those moments the cakes turn into milestones. You can see what you liked at each stage of life and I love being part of that memory.”

Star gains a new piece of knowledge from each cake she creates. “My favorite cakes I decorate are the intricate, challenging ones that force me to research and go beyond my own knowledge,” she says. Star takes these cake designs and makes them her own. Not only researching every aspect of the design, but also putting her heart and soul into her own creation of them. Star added a sentiment that really shows her passion and adoration for the bakery business: “Dewey’s has allowed me to be myself! It allows me to do things I love to do and some place I can pour my heart out.” Star is a cherished part of the Dewey’s team and never fails to add her hard work and enthusiasm to every cake she creates!

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